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Born out of a passion for the love of plants and the elements of design. We bring the outdoors in, and living energy into your home.


A stunning orchid and succulent arrangement! The orchid’s impressive staying power can be used to symbolize a great love that can withstand the test of time.  


See the world in color!

Vintage colored glass compotes filled with succulents and preserved roses that will last a lifetime!  What more could you ask for! 


The classic! A milk glass compote with sweet hens and chicks, preserved florals and mosses..

 Plants represent a sense of order in the natural word. They continue to grow and bloom no matter what is going on around them. They still need some care, and need water and sunlight to thrive,  but what they provide us with in exchange is well worth it....

A sense of calm, peace, beauty and joy. 

Our Workshops

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Now offering tablescapes! Whether it's an intimate dinner party, a birthday bash or a Holiday celebration, we have you covered. 

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