I put my first ballet slippers on at the age of 4. When it was time for my first recital, I stood on the stage ever so proud of my red tutu. The spotlights shined down, the music flowed, the choreography began to take life....  and the stage was mine. Through the art of ballet, I have always had a love and fine eye towards grace, aesthetics, beauty and design. 


After living in Manhattan for many years,  it was a welcome change to move to the burbs to find a home that we knew would provide a happy place for years to come. With this new lifestyle, I became very involved with all facets of gardening. I studied all types and varieties of plants, their needs and how to make choices that compliment each other. 


Imaginariums by Elissa was born out of a passion for the love of gardening and design. Each piece of garden art and variety of plant-scapes are filled with color, texture, serenity and natures beauty, They are a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in and fill your home with living energy.

The stage is set once again, Each of my creations  tells a story. My small worlds  have become  Imaginariums by Elissa.

When I am not creating, I am busy spending time my two boys, my husband and our lovable Wheaten Terrier, Oliver. We happily reside in Easton, CT.

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