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Outdoor Seasonal Container Gardens 

Offering All Season Outdoor Container Designs

with thrillers, fillers, spillers....



Decorate your doorsteps, front entry, patios...Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter with our help.

Let us know how many containers you want planted, approximate size and location. Share with us the colors you like and some preferred plants (we will do our best depending on availability and site conditions). Be prepared to send pictures of your containers, this will help in estimating the project. We will come up with designs for shade, full sun, or partial sun. 

We will arrange to bring plants and soil to your home and complete your custom garden containers or window boxes on site. Let us take care of the design and dirty work. 



Tropical blooming plants, succulents, exotic foliage, and hardy annual plants all look great in containers, and the opportunities are limitless!

Custom container design offers an opportunity to add a unique appearance to your property for all seasons. Our experienced designers can tailor their work to your specific needs to then create beautiful plant combinations that are specially selected to look great. 



If you already have the containers, we’ll help you come up with the perfect design that compliments your home or existing garden scheme. If you don’t have containers we can help you source them. 

Contact us for details and to arrange a consult! 

click on image for details

Springtime Spledor

beautiful shade window box with exotic foliage

gorgeous zinc urn filled with succulents

Stone vessel filled with elephant bush tree (portulacaria) and a variety succulents

shade lovin planter for summer

fall splendor with purple celosia, coleus, cabbage, fountain grass, and pompas grass

fall planter with sedum, mums, cabbage and grasses

winter planter with seasonal greens

Dish Gardens...Bringing color and life into your home
succulent planter in metal dish

succulent planter in zinc pot


Faux milk glass compote with succulents and preserved botanicals


zinc garden dish with kalanchoe, ferns and peperonia; insprirational stone


mothers day gift!!


Holiday design

Table in need of a Gorgeous centerpiece?


succulent garden in amethyst glass compote


succulent garden in Cobalt Blue glass compote


glass compote filled with succulents

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